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20 Benchmark Problem for Modelling Intracellular Processes

Ordinary differential equation (ODE) models are frequently applied to describe intracellular biochemical processes. Here, we provide a set of 20 published benchmark models which should serve as test cases for assessing methodology for modelling.


The 20 benchmark models are available with version control on github [REF].


An overview about the benchmark models is also provided at the github repository [REF].

Bechmarking Studies

Here, we summarize several outcomes of benchmark studies performed on the 20 benchmark problems.

Optimization at the Log-Scale

It has been shown [REF] that optimization algorithms have superior performance if parameters are optimized at the log-scale [REF].


It has been shown [REF] that the negative log-likelihood which has to be minimized for parameter estimation is more convex if the parameters are evaluated at the log-scale. It has been concluded that this fact is one reason for performance benefits of deterministic optimization algorithms if optimization is performed at the log-scale [REF].